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MAIN: Lead Generation & Access to our Custom Audience Network

We use Facebook & Google advertising to generate a minimum of 80-100 high-dollar leads per month into your pipeline.

BONUS #1: Lifetime Access to our Pre-Built CRM

We deploy and configure our CRM with automated messages to provide you an effective follow-up and lead management system to convert more leads into cash.

BONUS #2: World-Class Sales Training and Coaching

We give you the words, scripts, and tools we use to convert our own leads, and the messaging our clients have used to generate and close over $220M in sales.

BONUS #3: Database Reactivation

We put you back in front of old prospects for quick & easy sales in the beginning of our campaigns at zero extra cost. It's free money in your pocket, all covered by us.

BONUS #4: Automated Database Conversion

We keep you in front of your prospects and convert more leads using every possible channel available, including SMS, email, and voicemail drops.

BONUS #5: Facebook/Google Page Management & Optimization

We set up, or optimize an existing Facebook and Google page for you with 2 promo posts per week and and an automated Facebook messenger bot that links seamlessly to your website, booking you appointments hands-free.

The investment? Just two or three new clients delivered from your new system (the one we will personally help you build and implement) will more than cover the investment…

Some people we've helped...

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Every business owner who does more than $50k/month in business has run into the same problems when it comes to getting new business.Out of the 100+ clients we work with on a daily basis, we hear the same complaints over and over:
• "I'm only getting new clients through inconsistent referrals!"
• "How do I keep old clients while also trying to get new ones??"• "Cash flow is terrible because I'm trying to fulfill orders AND get new business at the same time."• "Trying to manage current customers, fulfillment, employee turnover, and profitability means I don't have time to get new clients."-
Now, these are not complete newbies.
Some of these statements have been said by business owners/VPs doing over $250k/month in revenue.
If you...• Don't like the inconsistency of referrals• Don't have a steady stream of clients coming in each month• Aren't able to scale because you haven't secured a process to reliably get new clients• Feel like you're lowering the value of your business trying to compete on price with your competiton• Are under constant pressure trying to juggle getting new clients, keeping old clients happy, employee turnover, quality of work, and financesThen that's good news. Because guess what.-
You don't have a sales, closing, or even quality problem...
You have a systems problem. And systems problems are easy to solve when you know what you've seen it all like we have.
Let me explain.Your problems occur because you don't have certain processes locked down, so you don't have anything to rely on.There's no consistency.And what's worse, is you're minimizing your profit window by trying to compete with everyone else in your market on price, instead of the value you offer.So what can you do?First, you can lock down your systems.There are 3 main pieces of every business:
1. Acquisition (Getting new clients)
2. Fulfillment (Delivering for those clients)3. Retention (Keeping those clients)-
The hardest ones are #1 and #3, and that's where we come in.
We solve #1, which means you've got time for #2, which means #3 is taken care of because your clients will keep coming back for more.When you've finally got the time to deliver world-class service, your clients will recognize this and keep coming back for more.And when your clients keep coming back,You'll never have to worry about getting or keeping a client EVER again.So how do we do it?It starts with creating a killer offer. Something that really sets you apart from the crowd.Second, we present that offer to a group of high-quality buyers that want what you can provide.Third, we run the interested leads through our automation system and nurture them to a close.Once you close them, on autopilot, all you have to do is deliver top-tier service.Once you do, we'll place them back in the system and make sure they never have a reason to leave.If we do this, you'll never have to worry about getting or keeping new clients ever again.And on top of that, all you'll ever have to concern yourself with is what you're the best at: delivering the best service possible.And if that wasn't enough, you won't be raking in the scraps anymore.You'll be charging what you're worth because, like we said above, the very first thing we do is separate you from the crowd with a killer offer.Book a discovery call below, and let's see if we can get you the risk free, business-changing results we get dozens of clients right now.

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8 steps to Set Up Your $100M New-Client Engine in 24 Hours or Less

This is specific to service-based businesses operating in a city-sized radius.

I'm Joe WeinrichI'm a multi-business owner who helps service businesses build engines that deliver unlimited new clients every month.

Why do some companies get all the clients, while everyone else fights for scraps?

The biggest companies in every industry know there are THREE pillars to a successful business.1. Prospecting/New Client Acquisition
2. Fulfillment
3. Client Retention
They know that #1 is the hardest part, and if they solve makes two and three a walk in the park.So how do they do it?They invest in the systems and tools to make sure their process for getting new clients is A) consistent B) leak-proof, and C) automated.Because when they have a system that gets consistent prospects, doesn't allow any prospects to drop out of the funnel, and is entirely on autopilot, all they have to focus on is delivering great service...(the easy part).Compare that to businesses relying entirely on referrals and a weekly social media post. LolIt's the reason some business owners work on their business, while most owners work IN their business.

Here's what you get:

A complex process made simple to unlock the key to unlimited clients

• How to deliver high-quality service• How to find laser-targeted audiences that WANT your services• How to exploit our "5-step offer structure" to create an offer so good, you'll have clients begging to work with you• And finally, the easiest way to start closing your dream clients - the simple, 6-step system we implement for all our clients• Our secret-weapon: the follow-up system our clients use to close 40%+ of their leads.• A breakdown of the tools you need to get started today


8 steps to Set Up Your $100M New-Client Engine in 24 Hours or Less

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